Sunday, November 28, 2010

Indian Fashion Jewelry -New Designs Added

Welcome to our store of Indian Handcrafted Jewelry, Jewelry Makings Supply, Custom Made Production of all type of Indian jewelry

Wholesale Qty Discount Available

On Jewelry,Beads etc display at our Website

3% to upto 15% or more* On Fashion Jewelry , Lac Jewelry ,other jewelry,glass beads etc

Condition apply- depends on order qty per design etc

3% to upto 7% or more* On Silver jewelry , German silver Jewelry, gemstone beads jewelry,silver beads,copper beads etc

* Condition apply – depends on order qty per design etc

Please send your order query with your require qty per design to know qty discount available with your order qty

As we are manufacturer, we specialize in making JEWELRY WITH CUSTOMERS OWN DESIGN also , Which you want for bulk production in Jaipur at Low labor cost

Please send your order, your requirement / and your own design details which you want to make CUSTOM MADE ORDER, please send details by e-mail at

We have many designs of 925 silver jewelry not display at our website , which we can send you by e-mail , if you have your requirement of silver jewelry Please send us your requirement of silver jewelry by email.