Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Custom Made Jewelry Manufacturer

Dear Sir/Madam,

we are jaipur based manufacturer and exporter of fashion jewelry , metal jewelry , 925 silver jewelry ,

Please visiting our website,    www.indiajewelrybazaar.com

You can order from our designs from our website .

our order procedure  : please visit our website www.indiajewelrybazaar.com ,
select your require designs and send to us we will send you our best prices and Minimum Order Qty per designs

1  Assorted Jewelry Mix Lots - we can give you assorted design Mix lots of best for small retailer
2  Other Jewelry                   - We can make many design with Minimum Order Qty please visit our website for more details,
3 Jewelry making supply    :   we can supply glass beads , copper beads ,  hand made thread jewelry ,
                                               Cz stones or diamond micro pave setteed beads and parts , charms etc
                                              gemstone beads chains etc - we can work on your requirement
if you dont like our designs ,please send your require designs details
 We understand that every jewelry company wants different designs as per their country’s market. Moreover, in jewelry, fashion trends change from time to time in every country.

You could also give us an idea of what you require; our team will work on that
And make samples for your designs. ( all sample ,initial samples making charges etc paid by customer  )

 We can make handmade or casting jewelry  using ,Silver 925 metal , Brass Metal , Copper Metal ,German silver metal  with Silver oxidized polish or Direct gold polish , or Gold Micron Polish or Silver rodium nickel free ,
 Antique Gold as per customer requirement , we can make as you want

We can use glass beads, copper beads, gemstone beads, CZ beads, wooden beads, 925 silver beads,
 pearl beads etc as require in customer design

We can ,make jewelry with cabs & cut semi precious stone , Cz stones , precious stone , pearl, synthetic stone 
etc ,leather cords , cotton cords , copper chains , brass chains ,cotton thread , silk dori , jute dori etc

We would like to showcase our workmanship, by bringing in the experience we have had in successful and timely
completion of orders, with the highest standards of quality, for customers in different geographies.

Please send your design detail such as sketches, photographs etc., you can also recommend modifications in
 the designs shown in our website as part of your order.
We have strict code of confidentiality of customer artifacts, and we pride ourselves in successfully completing
all our orders while respecting the secrecy of customer designs.

We hope to get your feedback; this will help us improve our website and our service to you.
 Your valued co-operation will be highly appreciated.

If you have any queries related to our prices, minimum order qty. etc., please feel free to
contact us on the address (mentioned below).

 Hope to start business with you, soon!!

Best Regards,


Aeon Crafts

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Indian Jewelry & Handicrafts Retail Website


please visit our website www.go4indiancrafts.com for retail of our jewelry and handicrafts products

please visit our website http://www.go4indiancrafts.com

best reagrds


Jewelry Making Supply India


please tell us your requirement of jewelry making supply india , we can give you glass beads , copper beads , cz micro pave beads and parts in 925 silver , gemstone beads chains and many more

please visit our website or send us e-mail for jewelry making catelogue

best reagrds

www.go4indiancrafts.com ( our retail website )

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jewelry Making Supply ,Ready Jewelry from Jaipur INDIA

AEON CRAFTS is your one stop source for discounted wholesale supply of below mentioned products from Jaipur, INDIA
Readymade Jewelry
       Copper Jewelry - with gemstones, without gemstones
       German Silver Jewelry - with gemstones, without gemstones
       Lacquer Jewelry - necklace sets , pendants , earrings ,Lac Bangles etc
       Wooden Jewelry - earrings, hair pins etc.
       Gemstone Beads Jewelry - also work on custom made , we have our designs also
       Fashion Jewelry -made of glass beads, metal beads, wooden beads etc.
       Leather Cord Necklace - available in all colors
       Brass Alloy Metal Jewelry : with stone, without stone
       Silver Alloy Metal Jewelry - with stone, without stone
       Low Cost Fashion jewelry - made of glass and other beads , German silver etc
       Silver Jewelry(light weight jewelry) : Silver jewelry with stones , without stones, bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklace, rings etc.

Note: Fresh new designs added every week; please visit our website (www.indiajewelrybazaar.com) for the same

Jewelry Making (crucial jewelry components) Supply
Glass Beads - plain, lamp work, fancy, faceted, silver foil, gold foil etc.
Copper Beads & Parts - copper beads, toggles, caps copper clasp etc.
(Also available with gold and silver plated beads)
Leather Cords - round , flat and braided cords available in all colors
Cubic Zircon Beads : hand-made faceted CZ beads available in all colors
Cotton Cords - available in all colors
Pendants - made of glass, copper with gemstones, German silver with gemstones, lacquer(lac), silver with gemstones etc.
Mixed Glass Beads Lot - many types of mixed glass beads lot available at discounted prices
Hemp Style Bracelets and Necklace - hand made in many styles
Thread & Silk Cord
      925 silver beads and parts
     cz stone micro pave setting beads in parts in 925 silver or metal

please send us e-mail for catelogue for jewelry making items
( we will display soon at our website )
Small Handicrafts Items

We are going to add small gifts items made of lacquer (lac), wood, cloth, beads, hand-made paper etc.

Small gifts items like - key chains, mirrors, small bags, table top items, bookmarks and many others

(please send us e-mail for catelogue of small handicrafts items ) 

Custom Made Jewelry (our speciality!)

We have a proven track record of delighting our customers with best in industry and reasonable cost custom made jewelry.
Just send across your designs and sketches and we will create your jewelry masterpieces - just for you.

We respect your confidentiality and thus operate on a strict "no sharing basis" for custom made jewelry.
You can give us a try by responding on the below mentioned coordinates.

Best Regards,

69 / 187 Ganga Marg, Veer Tejaji Road
Mansarovar Jaipur INDIA
 Mobile 0091-98290-64994

For price quotes please send across your required designs and order quantity

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jewelry Making Supply, Ready Jewelry , Order base Jewelry at www.indiajewelrybazaar.com


we  are going to start selling jewelry making supply  with ready stock jewelry , order base jewelry
at our website www.indiajewelrybazaar.com from 15th april 2013 

please visit our website for 

Glass Beads
Copper Beads
Copper Parts
Copper Chains etc
Mennakari Beads
Metal chains

also going to start low cost small indian gifts items
you can send us e-mail to get whole price list of products display at our website
please visit our website soon ...


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gemstone Beads Chains


please check new designs of gemstone beads chains

we can give you in your require stones

please send your requirement
best reagrds


Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Designs Added


Please visit our website for new designs of copper jewelry


customer care 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Indian Fashion Jewelry - New Design Added

Please visit our Website 


many new designs are added
we can make as per your designs also 

please send your custom made designs